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Potpourri Articles


The sun joining Venus, Jupiter and Uranus - planets of love, luck and change - in psychic, fluid Pisces makes this week like the Leunig cartoon of a bloke saying he just doesn't see the point of life, and a woman replying: it's not pointy, its round and soft ...

Taliban Use New Idea To Locate Prince Harry, Cellulite

The Taliban have thanked New Idea for alerting their members to Prince Harry's presence in Afghanistan. "We don't normally look at women's magazines, or even at women," one of the leaders said. "But New Idea has given us invaluable information that will help us to kill the infidel brat, more

Autumn Threatens To Envelop Ashen England

As far as the Poms are concerned it is now or never. If England lose this second Test the series will have all the staying power of a footprint in sand. It won't be easy for Michael Vaughan and his potpourri of players. After a shaky start, the Australians more

Wannabe A Wallaby? Not With This Lynch Mob About, Thanks

You TFF readers are a clever bunch, but sometimes brutal, make no mistake. Here is a potpourri of comments emailed and phoned in this week on the subject of the All Blacks' thumping of the Wallabies. Remember: views expressed here are exclusively those of readers and do not necessarily more

Give Yourself A Brake

Pedal to the metal, Ruth Ritchie throws her hat in the ring and negotiates a foodie magnet. In the same way that Military Road, Mosman, caters to women who make their own potpourri, so Crown Street takes care of its own. In Surry Hills, that means 16 tile shops, more